Graduates and Master Thesises in City Planning

Surname Name Thesis Title Supervisor's title Supervisor's name Year
Özbilen Başar Integration of Dolmuş as a Paratransit Mode to the Existing Public Transport Network: Ankara Example Prof. Dr. Ela Babalık Sutcliffe 2016
Abdullah Adam Orchestrating an Identity through Monuments in the City: The Case of Ankara, 1923-2016. Prof. Dr. Nil Uzun 2016
Murat Çolpa Zeynep Convivial Urban Spaces: The Case of Sakarya Street, Ankara. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emine Yetişkul Şenbil 2015
Doğan Murat Assessment and Simulation of Car Access Control Policies in City Center: The Case of Tunalı Hilmi Street in Ankara. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ela Babalık Sutcliffe 2014
İçyüz İlke The Relationship between Upper and Lower Tier Municipalities in Urban Planning: The Case of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Büyükçekmeçe Municipality. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Osman Balaban 2014
Karadağ Tunç An Evaluation of the Smart City Approach. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bahar Gedikli 2013
Erginkaya Cüneyt Kamil Housing Cooperatives as a Tool of Urban Development in Adana. Prof. Dr. Baykan Günay 2012
Gökyer Gökçen The Commercial Real Estates Production in Istanbul in the Globalization Process. Prof. Dr. Ali Türel 2012
Gürsel Attila "Spine" as the Constructive Element of the City: Case Study Tirana, Albania. Prof. Dr. Baykan Günay 2012
Bayhan Fikret Impacts of Planning Decisions in an Earthquake Vulnerable City: The Case of Adapazarı Prof. Dr. Melih Ersoy 2010
Hasdemir Berna Analysis of Existing Building Stock According to Mitigation Plan Objectives. Prof. Dr. Murat Balamir 2010
Biter  Serdar Questioning 'Sustainability' of Forest Lands Allocated and Used for Tourism in Turkey. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Müge Akkar Ercan 2009
Kulözü Neslihan Transformation of Public Space: The Case of Hacıbayram Square. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Baykan Günay 2008
Şenyel Müzeyyen Anıl Low-Rise Housing Development in Ankara. Prof. Dr. Ali Türel 2006
Ulutürk Gülcan Local Administrations and Disaster Risk Management in Turkey. Prof. Dr. Murat Balamir 2006
Belge Burak Urban Archeological Issues and Resources in Izmir Historic City Centre: An Exploratory Case Study. Prof. Dr. Numan Tuna 2005
Cırık Umut A Design Problem of Under-utilized Spaces: The Case of Ankara - Old Industrial District. Inst. Sevin Osmay 2005
Pala Gökçen The Role of Venture Capital in Urban and Regional Development: The Case of Ostim. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melih Pınarcıoğlu 2005
Erten  Mustafa Güven Property Problems in Post-Earthquake Urban Redevelopment Process: A Case Study in City of Adapazarı. Prof. Dr. Melih Ersoy 2004
Kırbay Yelda Public and Private Partnerships in Special Zones Management: With Reference to Physical Planning and Control.  Prof. Dr. Murat Balamir 2003
Özdemir Özgül Burcu Reinvestment Decisions and Rehabilitation in Housing. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Adnan Barlas 2003
Sarıoğlu G. Pelin Local Economic Development: Yimpaş Case. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melih Pınarcıoğlu 2003
Şaşmaz Mehmet Development and Application of Beam Tracing Algorithm to Predict the Acoustics of Urban Design Patterns. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Çalışkan 2003
Akpınar Sibel Assessment of the Tourism in Turkey within the Prospects of New Trends in Tourism. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gülden Berkman 2002
Ergin Didem Redefinition of the Regional policies of Turkey with Regard to the New Regional Strategies of the European Union. Prof. Dr. Ayda Eraydın 2002
Erkan E. Ayşe  Real Estate Investment Trusts (Reits): A New Urban Development Instrument for Public Lands in Turkey Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Melih Pınarcıoğlu 2002
Kolaç Enver A New Campus For Middle East Technical University in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: Educational Program and Campus Design Issues.  Inst.  Özcan Esmer 2002
Yılmaz Gülsen Evaluation of Spatial Organization of Daily Retailing: The Case of Ankara. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Güvenç 2002
Çimen Devrim Pedestrian and Vehicle Conflict in Third Dimension: The Legitimacy Problematic of Meşrutiyet Street in the Context of Pedestrian Platform Net. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Baykan Günay 2001
Dönertaş Aslı Suha Forms of Existence Space in a Historical Perspective. Inst. Erhan Acar 2001
Sarı Katip Burak Real Estate Development as a Municipal Financial Tool: Realestate Investment Trusts (REITs). Prof. Dr. Raci Bademli 2001
Hegazy Kamal Solid Waste Disposal Site Selection Issues for the Metropolitan City of Ankara. Inst.  Özcan Esmer 2000
Alkan H. Filiz A Study on the Social Environmental Analysis of the Qualitative Values in Mass Housing Areas in Suburbs: A Case Study in Ankara- Eryaman. Inst.  Sevin Osmay 1999
Ertunç Hakan  Development of Private Hospitals in Turkey 1991-1997. Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Gülden Berkman  1999
Tuna  Medine The Social Structure of Turkish Cities: Social Differentiation on the Basis of Housing Wealth. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Balamir 1999
Bademli R. S. Belgü Modifying Urban Physical Development Plans In Metropolitan Cities: Case of Ankara. Prof. Dr. R. Raci Bademli 1998
Sur Şengül The Relationships of Real Estate Investments with Economic Growth and Transport Infrastructure Investments: With Special Emphasis on the Impacts of Ankaray and Metro Projects on the Non – Residential Real Estate Development in the CBD of Ankara.  Prof. Dr. Ali Türel 1998
Erkal Funda A Reevaluation of Functional Potentialities of Ankara Based on the Capacity and Incapacity of the Labour Force.  Assist. Prof. Dr.  Baykan Günay 1997
Kuzu Aylin Urban Redevelopment Approaches for the Squatter Areas within a Changing Context of Urban Planning Case Study Ankara: Geçak Urban Redevelopment Project. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özcan Altaban 1997
Seyed Mortazavi Seyed Mansour The Boulevard as a Tool in City Planning.  Assist. Prof. Dr.  Baykan Günay 1997
Aytemiz Burak The Integration of Consulting Services to Mass Housing Production. Prof. Dr. Ali Türel 1996
Kaman (Yener)  Işıl Nadire An Assessment of Wetland Protection from the Planning Point of View.  Prof. Dr. Duran Taraklı 1996
Meral Dilek The Shared Ownership Process in Urban Development. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Balamir 1996
Sert Çiftçi Arzu An Empirical Study on the Impact of New Shopping Centers on Established Intra–Urban Shopping Patterns.  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Güvenç 1996
Şahin Aylin An Analysis of the Attributes of the Square.  Inst. Dr. Adnan Barlas 1996
Şendur Günsel Esra Need for New Approaches in Urban Conservation (With Special Reference to Transfer of Development Rights).  Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1996
Türkan Siyami A New Perspective to the Growth Of Provinces and Country: Producer Services.  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gülden Berkman 1996
Devellioğlu Zeynep Understanding of Urban Public Space in Terms of Social Relations. Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1995
Eren Gülcen Şirin Role of the Urban Block in the Formation of Urban Form Dialectical Relations Between Wholes and Parts. Inst.  Baykan Günay 1995
Gökbulut Özlem Urban Renewal; An Urban Dimension in Process of Change within the Context of Globalization: Case Study Ankara: Portakal Çiçeği Urban Renewal Project.  Prof. Dr. Tansı Şenyapılı 1995
Yalazı Bülent The Role of the State Housing Policies in the Increasing Rate of Home Ownership in Turkey.  Prof. Dr. Ali Türel 1995
Kantar-Üstündağ Kevser Bus Priority System in Public Transportation the Case Study For Topkapı – Aksaray Busway Transit in Istanbul.  Prof. Dr. Ali Türel 1994
Saraçoğlu Yasemin Local Production Networks: A New Opportunity For Development. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayda Eraydın 1993
Duvarcı Yavuz The Function of Boundary Determination: A Case Study of Primary Schools in Keçiören. Dr. Murat Güvenç 1992
Gönlüm Evren Recent Developments in Tourism Planning: Evaluation of Tourism Regions, Areas and Centers as Legal Entities. Inst.  Baykan Günay 1992
Gül Erdal Urban Space for Social Integrity: Plaza Phenomenon. Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1992
Kubin Can Basic Characteristics of Planned and Spontaneous Urban Environments: A Search on Validity of Physical Morphology in Terms of Behavioral Environment. Inst.  Baykan Günay 1992
Taner İsmail Evaluation of 1984 Mass Housing Law Spatial Distribution of Credits. Inst. Gülden Berkman 1992
Tokcan  Selma Alternative Policies for Conservation Planning.  Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1992
Yardım Aynur Şule Criteria to Define Administrative Boundaries in Central Anatolia Region. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Gedik 1992
Güzey Özlem Evolution of Bayramoğlu Suburban Settlement within the Context of Development of Metropolitan Istanbul: 1955-1985 2 vols. Prof. Dr. Tansı Şenyapılı 1991
Oktar Özlem The Housing Problems of Newly Married Couples in Ankara. Murat Balamir 1991
Özdemir Ayşe Dilek Historical Evolution of Shopping Areas. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevgi Aktüre 1991
Sert Ali Nejat Flexibility in Urban Planning. Inst. Baykan Günay 1991
Abdelhamid Ali The Tale of the Two Capital Cities in the Middle East Amman (JORDAN) & Ankara (TURKEY).  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevgi Aktüre 1990
Akkahve (Ataöv) Deniz Urban Sectoral Growth and Structural Change: The Case of Development of Hotels in Ankara.  Inst.  Murat Balamir 1990
Bayazıt Itır Population Distributions of Spatial Organizations on Macro Scale a Case Study from Turkey. Prof. Dr. İlhan Tekeli 1990
Bumin Oya The Initiatives for Local Employment Creation as a Part of Local Development. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayda Eraydın 1990
Chahin Abdulghani Physical morphology of a twin city in the Middle East: The case study of Tripoli Lebanon. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevgi Aktüre 1990
Görer Nilgün Industrial Mobility in Ankara inner Metropolitan Area “Test of Incubation Hypothesis for Different Industrial Sectors”.  Inst.  Murat Güvenç 1990
Güler Emine Canan An Assessment of Inner City Decline in Turkey: A Case Study in Ulus Ankara. Assoc. Prof. Dr. R. Raci Bademli 1990
Injerou Jamal “Urban Spatial Planning and Socio-ethnic Conflicts in Syria” - Analysis, Criticisms and Proposals. Prof. Dr. Tansı Şenyapılı 1990
Özdeş Levent The Logic of Plan Modifications: Ankara 1984-1988. Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1990
Qamar Iffat Study of Urban Land and Housing Market in Developing Countries. (Case Study: Karachi) - Analysis and Evaluations. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Türel 1990
Şensoy Şöhret Delimitation Issues on Urban Conservation Areas in Turkey. Inst. Baykan Günay 1990
Uludağ  Orhan Spatial Formation of Turkish Small-towns and a Case: Mudurnu. Inst. Baykan Günay 1990
Alp Hakan Private Car Ownership and House Hold Characteristics in Ankara. Gökhan Menteş 1989
Barlas (Sinanoğlu) Sezin Mental Images of University Students in Turkey: An Analysis of Underdevelopment in the Terms of Environmental Cognition. Prof. Dr. İlhan Tekeli 1989
Bayazıt Sema An Approach for the Identification of Trip Generation Characteristics of Households in Turkish Cities: A Case Study of Ankara. Gökhan Menteş  1989
Ezer Ayşe (Işık) Effects of Metropolitan City to Size and Production Kind of Farming: A Case Study in Ankara Metropolitan Fringe Area.   Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Duran Taraklı 1989
Kalkan Semra A Comparative Analysis of Residential Behaviour Patterns of the First and Second Generation Rural Migrants in Turkish Cities. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tansı Şenyapılı 1989
Konuşkan Işıl Cost of Squatter Housing Areas to Urban Economies from the Point of View of Infrastructural Services: A Case Study from Ankara. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tansı Şenyapılı 1989
Saidan  Asghar Housing Policy in Iran before and after 1979 a Case Study of Tabriz. Assoc. Prof. Dr. R. Raci Bademli 1989
Teker Ayla An Evaluation of the Distribution of Urban Housing Production in Turkey with Reference to Post-1984 Policies. Inst. Murat Balamir 1989
Yıldırım H. Hami Environmental Quality Problem in Mass Housing Areas (Towards Frame of Conceptualization).  Inst. Baykan Günay 1989
Erdemir (Keskinok) Alım A Methodology for the Analysis of Urban Environments: Space-Place Quality. Inst.  Baykan Günay 1988
Karagöz Hüseyin The Conservation Problems of Archaeological Sites in Turkey: An Analytical Approach.  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevgi Aktüre 1988
Şaşmaz Ş. Cem Bahçelievler Housing Cooperative. Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1988
Aksoy (Serdaroğlu) Berna Apartment Development in Squatter Areas (The Case of Yıldız, Ankara). Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tansı Şenyapılı 1987
Bıçkıcıoğlu Harika Housing Producers in Ankara in 1980 the Effects of Stabilization Policies on the Housing Industry. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Ali Türel 1987
Emiroğlu (Özgen) Levin The Formation of Laborforce and the Transformation Diversification of Economic Activities at the Metropolitan Fringe. A Case Study in Ankara Metropolitan Area. Prof. Dr. İlhan Tekeli 1987
Özcan Gül Berna Spatial and Structural Dynamics of Industry in Urban Area. Prof. Dr. İlhan Tekeli 1987
Ünal Gökhan Urban Freight Movements in Ankara. Inst. Baykan Günay 1987
Bektöre İ. Serdar Formation of Apartment Blocks in Squatter Areas as a Distinct Aspect of Unauthorized Urban Housing Stock. Inst.  Murat Balamir 1986
Bostanoğlu Özer Squatter (Gecekondu) Upgrading Phenomenon in Turkey with Special Emphasis upon Technical Infrastructure. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Ali Türel 1986
Eldouni Khaled A Comparative Study on Damascus and Ankara. Assist. Prof. Dr.  R. Raci Bademli 1986
Kangal Mine Guides for the Design of Squatter Prevention Zones.  Inst.  Baykan Günay 1986
Karagözoğlu Kutlu Formation of Unauthorized High Rise Apartment Blocks as a Distinct Aspect of Turkish Urban Growth.  Inst.  Murat Balamir 1986
Mirzaei Saeid Hasan The Evaluation of the Change in Ulus (C.B.D.) within the Structure of the Ankara Metropolitan City. Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1986
Mutiş Nur The Role of Unauthorized High-rise Apartment in the Redistribution of House Holds with Respect to Housing Conditions. Inst.  Murat Balamir 1986
Yurteri Oğuz Small Industrial Estates in Turkey. A Study on Two Small Estates in Ankara. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Raci Bademli 1986
Büyükaltınbaş A. Hamdi Peripheral Development in Ankara: OR-AN study. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Ali Türel 1985
Tuncer Mehmet A Research within a Historical Perspective on Suluhan (The Hasan Pasha Inn) Its Transformation and Relations with the City Center of Ankara. Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1985
Aydemir Deniz Intraurban Residential Mobility in Turkey. Inst.  Murat Balamir 1984
Barlas Adnan Urban Quantitative Housing Need in Turkey between 1960-1980 (Examination of the Balance between Housing Need and Supply in Urban Areas). Instructor Murat Balamir 1984
Işık Oğuz Fluctuations in Residential Construction in Turkey. Inst.  Murat Balamir 1984
Kızıltan Ali An Evaluation of Development Plans for Istanbul - Süleymaniye Area.  Assist. Prof. Dr.  Sevgi Aktüre 1984
Sevinç Semahat Surrounding Municipalities and "Metropoliten Municipality" Application - İzmir Case. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tansı Şenyapılı 1983
Türksoy M. Cengiz Enforcement Issues of the Gecekondu law. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tansı Şenyapılı 1983
Türksoy F. Ömür An Attempt to Understand Urban Integration through the Evaluation of Mental Maps: Cognitive Maps of Ankara Constructed by High School Students. 1983
Ünlü İlhan An Alternative to the Traditional Approach in Obtaining Interzonal Movements in Urban Areas by Using Traffic Counts.  Gökhan Menteş 1983
Yıldırım F. Saadet Taxi Transportation in Ankara. Gökhan Menteş 1983
Erol (Şenlier) Nihal An Approach to the Analysis of Marinas within the Concept of Yacht Tourism. Inst.  Baykan Günay 1982
Göksu Sezai A Study of Center Revitalization in the Case of Akköprü. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Esat Turak 1982
Tokatlı S. Nebahat Occupational Ideologies in Planning an Empirical Study to Analyse Professional Values Held by Turkish Planners.  1982
Erden (Erkut) Gülden New towns: A tool for social policy. Sevin Osmay 1981
Okçuoğlu Yıldız New Potentials of Historic Housing Areas in Turkey. 1981
Basım F. Enis Urban Transportation Decisions (Kent içi ulaşım kararları). Y. Prof. Dr. Tamer Gök 1980
Kılıçlı Köksal A Socia -psychological Approach to the Problem of Cooperative Organization in Rural Area. Prof. Dr. İlhan Tekeli 1980
Kıral Ömer 6785 / 1605 Sayılı İmar Yasasının 42. Maddesine Eleştirel Bir Yaklaşım.  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuğrul Akçura 1980
Kiper Perihan H. Evaluation of the “Urban Historical Site” as a Residential Area for Current Users.  Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1980
Ateş Türkay Konut sorunu karşısında yerel yönetimler. (Ankara Akkondu - Batıkent örneği) 1979
Barlas Aydın Towards A Theory of Preservation Optimization - The Topics and Problems of Restoration/Preservation Optimization (Specifically on Housing) in Turkey. 1979
Birkan Güven Antalya Üniversitesi Kentsel Yer Seçim Sürecinde Çeşitli Bakış Açıları Üzerine Bir Tartışma. 1979
Dilmaghani Eskandar A Methodological Approach to Central Business Districts. Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1979
Günay Tuba İmar Planı Değişiklikleri. 1979
Güvenç Murat Metropoliten Ölçekte Nüfus ve Yoğunluk Artışları: İstanbul (Kadıköy) Örneğinde Bir Ölçme ve Maliyet Çalışması. 1979
Yazgan Ayşe Sayın Use of Aerial Information for  the Provision of Public Controlover Changes in the Cities in Turkey. Inst. İnci Ak 1979
Aykut M. Rauf Konut Gereksinmesi. Inst.  Murat Balamir 1978
Gürel Engin A Functional Approach to the Land Use Standards in Turkey. Sevgi Aktüre 1978
Saraçer (Özkan) Melek The Extent of Urban Growth on Rich Agricultural Lands and Related Preservation Policies - Case Study Bursa. 1978
Akansel Suavi Zonguldak Havzasında Yapısal Değişim. 1976
Barlas Turan Türkiye’de Kentsel Teknik Altyapı Maliyetleri ile Kent Büyüklükleri ve Kentsel Arazi Kullanışı İlişkileri.  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1976
Bulguç Hülagü Kırsal Kalkınmanın Mekan Organizasyonu Elemanı Olarak Köykent Sorununa Makro Yaklaşım. 1976
Caner M. Hanefi A Recreational Approach and the Green Areas and Open Spaces in the City of Ankara. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1976
Balamir  Ali A Quantitative Study of the Social, Economic, Demographic and Physical Determinants of Fertility. Leila Erder 1975
Kayılı Üçok Ali A Study in Environmental Pollution a Case Study in İzmit Bay Region. Özcan Esmer 1975
Meriçelli Rüştü An Investigation to Give a Decision about the Economic Base Theory. Assist. Prof. Dr.  İrem Acaroğlu 1975
Rabbani Fairborz Handling the Problems of Restoration and Preservation of Historic Fabric as it Relates to the Physical Planning of Turkish Cities with a Low Rate of Development (Case Study Sivrihisar). 1975
Shoaib Muhammad Urbanization in Pakistan. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuğrul Akçura 1975
Aydemir Mehmet İzmit Lant Use Model: An Approach to Incorporate Market Concept into Gravity Model. 1974
Çezik  Asuman Industrial Estates. 1974
Ergüden Selman İstanbul'un Gelişimi Geçiridği İmar ve Planlama Aşamaları Üzerine Bir Araştırma. 1974
Erson (Erşahin) Leylâ Housing in Underdeveloped Countries and in Turkey as a Problem of Underdevelopment.  1974
Kural Nerkis A Study of Urban Housing In Turkey. 1974
Levi Rafael Classification of Cities in the Aegean Region and the Factors Influencing Them. 1974
Masoumi Yousef M. Urbanization in İran and Application of a General Model to the Persian Traditional Cities. 1974
Can  Zühtü Türkiye’de Şehir Planı Uygulamaları Üzerine Bir Araştırma. 1973
Yener Tarık Atilla Urban History of Pre - Columbian America.  Assist. Prof. Dr.  İrem Acaroğlu 1973
Yonca Ali Eşik Analizi Geçerliliği Üzerine. Dr. İrem Acaroğlu 1973
Erişen Oya Validity of Rank-Size Distribution of Cities in Turkey and Its Regions. 1972
Kabatepe Erdal İskenderun Sub-Region 1972
Öner Caner A.  Problems and Principles of University Planning. 1972
Türel  Ali A Study of the Residential Location Pattern of Different Income Groups in Ankara. 1972
Yazar Vildan & Arkon, Cemal A Methodological Approach to the Determination of Space Standards and its Application to the City of Ankara. 1972
Ahmad Raizuddin City Planning Implemetation Problems in Konya Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1971
Gedikli Ayşe Toward a Mathematical Intra-city Location Model for Squatter Housing in Turkey. Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Gönül Tankut 1971
Günay Baykan The Planning Process in the Turkish Social Structure. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gönül Tankut 1971
Kural Nerkis Problem and Policy of Housing in Turkey. 1971
Bademli Raşit Raci Integration’s on Spatial Planning. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Gönül Tankut 1970
Gök Tamer Social Stratification and Spatial Pattern of Adana. 1970
Öncel Ali Lütfü Barriers and Means for the Channelization of Mushroom Housing Investments into Social Housing Constructions. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Ekmel Derya 1970
Engin Sevgi Manufacturing Industry in Ankara. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Tuğrul Akçura 1969
Kaleli  Gürdal Settlement Pattern Proposal at Gölbaşı within the Framework of Ankara Metropolitan Area. 1969
Hussain Akbar M.  Evaluation of a New Town within Karachi Metropolitan Area. (with Supplement) 1968
Okyay Tarık User Benefits in Alternative Bosphorus Crossings. 1968
Hokkacı Aykut Industrial Location Problems, and from this Point of View Industrial Location in Tarsus.  Assist. Prof. Dr.  Rauf Beyru 1967
Seren Sevgi Organized Manufacturing Industry in Ankara. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Tuğrul Akçura 1967
Erdumlu Abdullah Güngör Interrelations and Interactions between Ancient Monuments with City Planning Principles and Practices in Turkey.  Assist. Prof. Dr.  Gönül Tankut 1966
Esmer Özcan Bergama Master Plan. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Rauf Beyru 1966
Kahyaoğlu Dilek Report on Karabük. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Gönül Tankut 1966