Trip to Kars

Between 5th and 9th of April we have visited the city of KARS.

We have participated some meetings (İl Koordinasyon Kurulu toplantısı), contacted with major institutions (Kars Belediyesi, Serhat Kalkınma Ajansı, etc.) and enjoyed a lot.

at the "red tiles" section you can see more pictures of this trip.


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İlhan Tekeli Speech

On 30th of October, We had the pleasure of inviting Prof. İlhan Tekeli for our studio course. 

The speech he delivered was about "democracy, participation and planning" and in the end he patiently responded our various questions.

As an occasion, Prof. Tekeli has kindly accepted to sign his most recent book "Yerleşmeler için Temsil Sorunları ve Strateji Önerileri".


Announcement Category

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